S I G N A   V E N U S

This platform invites every visitor to make a journey to discover how femininity has been interpreted
and reinterpreted in time by symbolism, Classicism and Surrealism. Each image will lead you
to a collection of visuals and text intended to be a resource for those who want to conduct further
research on the topics explored or join in for collaborative discussions and projects.




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S Y M B O L I S M ︎

the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities



                                                                                Per Johansen                                                               

C L A S S I C I S M  ︎

the following of ancient Greek or Roman principles  and style

in art and literature, generally associated with harmony, restraint,

and adherence to recognised standards of form and craftmanship,

especially from the Renaissance to the to the 18th  century

OXFORD DICTIONARY                  

S U R R E A L I S M ︎

style  in art and literature in which ideas, images,
and objects are combined in a strange way, like in a dream