My name is Francesca and I am fascinated by the way in which the research process can be translated into my practice as a fashion photographer and art director. My curiosity in this area has led me to research other artists whose work might explore the same topics as mine such as: symbolism, Classicism and Surrealism. This ongoing investigation has resulted in the collection of images and texts displayed on this platform, which is divided into the three sections linked below. Updates on my accompanying visual research and inspirations can also be found on my Instagram account: @signa_venus. 




With this collection I hope to gain the attention of those interested in exploring the same topics from different points of views and in alternative disciplines. I welcome collaborations on projects, that, inspired by this research, may lead to the production of visual content concerning the contemporary interpretations of these symbols and archetypes. Together, this opens up opportunities to create an ongoing process for developing the collection, as well as enabling new creative dialogues and allowing me to expand my abilities as a researcher, art director and photographer.

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