F L O R E N C E   H E N R I

s t i l l  l i f e  a n d  s e l f - p o r t r a i t s


Henri was an innovative photographer for her time. Her playing with photomontage, mirrors and reflection makes me collocate her in the section of Surrealism. However, the object she uses in her still lifes, such as fruits and shells, as well as the composition of her images, are elements that remind me of classicism. However, her work is not just a game of displacement and reflections.The mirror, in particular, was for the artist a very important instrument of self-knowledge.

                                                                   portrait of Florence Henry, photo: Lucia Moholy, 1927

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“Stiftung Ann und Jurgen wilde”, photo: Florence Henri, 1932

“Still life composition”, photo: Florence Henri, 1929

“Glory that was Greece”, photo: Florence Henri, 1936

“Rome photomontage”, photo: Florence Henri, 1936

“Composition”, photo: Florence Henri, 1932-36 c.a.

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“Self-portrait”, photo: Florence Henri, 1938