S A R A H  I L L E N B E R G E R

artist and designer


Sarah is an artist always in search for new ways to reinterpret common objects in her creations.
In her creations I see some of the reference of symbolism in Renaissance art and her way to revisit fruits and objects is often similar to some surrealist art. This is why I have decided to include her work in my research, even though the artist doesn’t claim to have these references in her work.

Saladdress, 2011

New fruits, 2011
Fashion fruits
Fashion fruits

New grapes, 2016

New fruits, 2011

New fruits, 2017
Food Faces, 2008

Food Faces, 2008
Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Autumn 1573

The “food faces” designed by Sarah Illenberger reminded me of the paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1526-1593).
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