V A L E R Y  K A T S U B A

p h o t o g r a p h e r


The main subject of Katsuba’s work is the body associated with classical representations either in the poses, compositions or locations. His unique vision is displayed not just on personal projects but also on collaborations with fashion brands, magazines and art galleries.

Oksana Skorik in Harper’s Bazaar, March 2007. Photography by Valery Katsuba.
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        Classroom instruction of live nature by painting professor Makovskovo. Imperial accademy of Arts,
1914. Photographer K. Bulla.

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Words by Jose’-Manuel Springer curator of exhibition “ The Model: Classic and Contemporary” (14 Nov 1018- 31 March 2019). Museo National de San Carlos, Mexico City. 
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“Posing of Nude Female Models”. Faculty of paintings. Professor Vladimir Pesikov’s studio. 2013
Photography by Valery Katsuba

“Sculpture studio of professor V. Beklemisheva,1913”. Photographer M. Braytaks. Departments of negatives and photoreproductions, scientific archives of Art (St. Petersbutg).

“Physical culture lesson”. Actress Polina Tolstun and fitness coach Alexander Prikhodko.
St. Petersburg, 2006 Photo by Valery Katsuba.

“The Bogatyr” physical education society. Demonstration performancby female gymnasts.
Photographer Unknown.St. Petersburg, 1912.

                       “Gymnasta y Victoria Samotracia”. Academia de bellas Artes. San Petersburgo, 2008.

Morning, 2017. Photography by Valery Katsuba